How to Grow Moringa in Cold Temperate Climates

John from shares with you How he is growing the tropical heat-loving moringa oleifera in a cold, temperate climate in the winter time.

In this episode, you will learn how you can keep your Moringa trees alive during the cold winter so you can continue to grow nutrient-packed leafy greens that you can harvest and enjoy.

First, you will learn about a Moringa Tree in John’s garden that did not live, John will share his opinions on why this tree did not make it.

Next, you will learn about a 2-year-old Moringa Tree and how it is doing in John’s garden despite having mid-30-degree weather. You will also learn about John’s observations about the temperature range that moringa likes to live and its cold tolerance and when you should start to protect it.

You will discover John’s best-growing Moringa tree that is planted in the ground and find out why it is doing so well.

Next, you will learn how you can grow Moringa in containers, inside a greenhouse and potentially keep them alive during the winter.

Finally, John will share his final moringa growing tips with you if you are planting them in the ground.

After watching this episode, you learn more about growing moringa and its cold tolerance. You will learn some techniques you can use to keep your Moringa trees alive all year long so you can continue to enjoy its highly nutritious leafy green leaves.

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