Day with DISA 2018: State Marijuana Laws and Litigation Strategies for Employers

Although marijuana is illegal on the federal level, many states have chosen to legalize either medical, recreational or both. The list of states who choose to legalize is steadily growing, each with a different protocol, making it extremely difficult to stay up-to-date. This session will give an overview of marijuana legalization in the US and the issue it presents to employers and the current status. We will address a list of proposed laws and what that could mean. Find out how to terminate employees that are using and the legal responsibilities for employers, along with best practices. We will review important cases and the implications for employers and include the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as it relates to recreational and medical marijuana.

Key Takeaways:
– Understand marijuana legalization and the issues it presents to employers
– Discover the current status of legalization and proposed laws in the U.S. and their effects
– Education for employers regarding, termination, legal responsibilities, and best practices
– Learn about the significance for employers of important cases dealing with marijuana
– Understand the relation of Americans with Disabilities Act and recreational and medical marijuana

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