How to enter Cannabis Industry – Start a Business

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Real life lessons from the cannabis business. Learn from my mistakes in the Marijuana Industry, start your business with less problems. The Cannabis Industry is a rewarding but difficult business model and I share 5 + tips that I learned over my 3.5 year career, Growing, Manufacturing, and dispensing in the state of Montana. I want you to find success in the marijuana business and to avoid potentially business ending mistakes.

If your wanting or thinking about starting in the business, consider this first:

Are you Passionate?
Are you Patient?
Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

If this is your dream go for it, and don’t look back.
Whatever obstacle you run into, be bigger than it! You will face many obstacles
The largest mistake I see in this business, Is the partners you choose to stake your business on. Choose Wisely!
Other people have done it, learn what they did to make it, and apply that to your business model!

If you want your Cannabis Business to get bigger and better, focus on making your self better!

(01:30) – My Story
(03:55) – Lesson 1
(04:40) – Lesson 2
(05:20) – Lesson 3
(06:20) – Lesson 4a
(08:00) – Lesson 4b
(09:10) – Lesson 4c
(09:55) – Lesson 5
(10:48) – 3 Essential Questions
(11:16) – Most Common Mistake
(12:05) – Why you can succeed
(12:30) – How to Start NOW

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