CBD Oil High: Will it really Get you high? Find out! [2019]

Does CBD oil get you high? Let’s find out:

There are different types of CBD oils, with different %age of CBD and THC present in it.

If you order your CBD Oil online, you will get 0.3% THC product. Which will not get you high.

If you Buy it from stores near you. You will get options to get 10% to 60% THC in CBD oil. Which can make you high.

So it depends what type of CBD you’re using.

For Anxiety: I really recommend CBD oil without THC in it as some people have negative reaction due to THC.

For Pain: You can use THC in your CBD oil, as it will help you to calm the pain. Better than CBD oil 🙂

And, Be assured that you check the lab test by proverge when you buy CBD oil. They test for all the cannabonoids and terpenes present in CBD oil.

I use CBDistillery’s oil and i have tested everything so you can just go with it if you want to…

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